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I found out that my boyfriend was in a relationship but had someone who was interested in him. He became interested in her and was inviting her to work with him whilst he was still with his gf. I’ve seen messages to one of his friends saying that he might get “something” don’t need to explain what that means but he was still with his gf

I asked him about this and asked if he would’ve cheated on her with the other girl or allowed anything to happen, he said no. I asked him why could u see another girl whilst in a relationship. He said because I didn’t care about them. Didn’t have any cares for people. I asked him what is there stopping u from doing this to me. He said because I care about you and I love you.

I’m still very scared he’ll cheat on me one day or go through a similar situation like he had in his past where he allows himself to see another girl whilst in a relationship. Should I believe what he’s said about our relationship..... can people really change?
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So he see's other girls while being in a relationship and states he doesn't care. From this he seems untrustworthy.

Then he states he cares about you. Yes people can change.

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