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Hi all,

I need some advice.
I am a stay at home mum trying to study for the Edexcel maths GCSE by myself.
I have bought a book which aims to obtain a grade 5.
However, I am not sure what paper to apply for and I am trying to make sense of the different tiers and papers.
Which do I need to go for? I have seen there are 3 papers, one without calculator (which I assume is compulsory to sit) and then there are 2 more papers for each tier (with calculator). Do we need to sit those 2 extra papers or only one of the 2???
Also, I NEED a grade 5 at least (formerly C I believe), so would it be better for me to study towards the higher tier???

Help! I don't want to waste the precious little time I have to study.

Many thanks.
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You'll need to sit 3 papers regardless of whether you are doing foundation or higher. In foundation you would need a comparatively higher score than in higher to get the 5, however it depends if you would cope better with not having the majority of a paper you cannot do (as you would in higher most likely) or being able to do almost everything in the paper but needing to get higher marks in it to get the grade you want.

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