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I'm currently a Y11 student and I want to go into the performing arts industry. I have auditions for performing arts sixth form courses starting next month, and I. Am. Terrified. If I don't get in, it would mean the end of my career before it's even started, which completely freaks me out.
My parents don't approve (typical Asian parents I guess), as my dad is convinced performers get paid pennies, or something? Idk
I know it's a really really tough industry to go into, and the competition is immense, but I can't imagine myself doing much else. Definitely not an office job.
My backup plan is to become a performing arts teacher, but I haven't looked into that at all and have no idea what kind of qualifications are needed.
Advice (on anything)??

Btw my GCSEs are the core subjects (maths, 2 English, 3 sciences), plus Latin, dance, drama, music.
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I'm not sure where you live but here's some work experience: https://www.artsdepot.co.uk/work-exp...6-18-year-olds
As for the industry I would say networking is a big part of it so make sure you attend open classes and volunteer at local theatres and things like that (for e.g. https://becktheatre.org.uk/Online/wo...B-1EF2EF95B36F)
Also join local acting/dance/singing classes or a performing arts saturday school to help with technique, confidence as well as networking.
Just remember a lot of people in the performing arts industy didnt even go to performing arts college, and the good thing about it is that it caters for all ages

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