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Me and my ex broke up a couple days ago because he kept telling me he couldn’t trust me . I had given him no reason to not trust me . We both deactivated our main Instagram accounts and created PRIVATE ones . Every 6 days we’d activate our mains so it doesn’t permanently get deleted so I had to activate my main account and when I tried deactivating it , it said I had to try in a few days . My ex said keep the insta but unfollow all the boys , I asked him if he’d do the same and he said ‘not until I put a ring on your finger ‘ so I said same and told him I won’t unfollow bc I’m gonna deactivate anyways . He then stated that he doesn’t trust me and we broke up . The next time I saw that he still had my name in his bio so I asked him to remove it and as soon as I did that he deleted his PRIV and opened his main again . By this time I had new followers and followings ( female and Male) but he just saw the males and decided to follow over 100 new girls on his Instagram. I then remembered that I have his password so I logged into his insta and saw that he had dmd every single pretty looking girl he was following . He was dming people I follow and trying to get to know them whilst we were in a relationship . I basically got cheated on . When girls asked him what the initials in his bio stood for he said ‘it’s just a girl I’m talking to but it’s nothing serious ‘ WE WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP . I told my friends about this because there were over 100 DMs and I was so broken hearted . My bestfriend logged in permanently deleted his Instagram , which was a bad thing to do but we didn’t want him to hurt any other girl . He had also cheated on a girl and chose me instead and we read it and we were so sad . I think I’m going to go crazy because I really thought we were getting somewhere then I see all those DMs and girls and it’s breaking me into pieces. What do I do ? And was my action on getting my friend to delete his Instagram a bad thing ??
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He sounds like a sh*tty person so I’d say he was asking for it. Can’t help but laugh at him.

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