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Help on catching up 3 months of missed work AS level

So basically, I left school three months ago because I decided that my mental health was deteriorating and being in college wasn’t best for me at the time, but now I’ve decided that I want to go back. I’m going back to my high school’s sixth form, so I’ll know everyone there and that will probably make things easier. I also know a lot of my friends will be in my classes. Do you have any tips on how to catch up on all the work that I’ve missed out? The head of sixth form seems to think that I can catch up with A LOT of hard work, but if I can’t, then I’ll be repeating year 12 and then I’ll essentially be ahead of everyone else. But I don’t want to do that!! I’d rather move on with my friends, but I will repeat if I have to.
I really need some advice; I’m doing Biology, Geography and English Lit. Should I pay for a tutor? I know I’m going to be spending all my spare time catching up, and a lot of it after school in the sixth form center. Should I read through the text book to get an idea of what I need to know? I’ve already asked my friends what they’ve been learning in each subject. The one I’m worried about most is biology, but I’ve always had a natural interest in it. Any advice?
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You do not need a tutor. You can study everything yourself and then ask for help when you need it at your sixth form.
Don't worry 3 months isn't unrecoverable.
If you look at my post on how to study in chemistry a level I think you'll find it useful.
Just quote this if you can't find it and I'll copy the link
3 months of learning is doable if you put the work in for sure. I've done worse before exams - you just gotta make sure you study effectively and smart.
I'm in the exact same boat as you except that I didn't leave school for mental health reasons, I left because I wanted a change of schools however I want to go back and I want to change all my subjects to A levels, biology, geography and business. the good thing is that I've done all those subjects in GCSE already and I really enjoyed it so much so I'm really hoping that it will help me. the only problem is that its an A level not a GCSE so its going to be really intense especially because its 3 months of work to catch up on. I'm really hoping my school will accept me back.

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