How hard is it to get into Jaguar Land Rover for an undergrad internship? Watch

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Do they only take on students who are the best of the best from top unis? Looking to apply for a software undergrad internship with them. Want to know what my chances are.
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I don't know about JLR specifically, but most companies couldn't care at all which university you're studying at.

Your chances depend heavily on how your skills compare with the other people who are applying to the same scheme, so make sure that you have a great CV pitched at helping the interviewer understand what level your skills are at, particularly key areas like programming, databases and problem solving, including where you've put those skills into practice from coursework, or anything you've done away from college/university to learn and practice.

If you're offered an interview, then employers will decide who to hire based upon how well you perform there, probably including various tests, being grilled on the content of your CV, and also to find out more about you as a person. First impressions always count, as well as the way you engage with the interviewers during the whole process. They'll be looking for evidence of strong written and verbal communication skills, and be faced with a choice out of a large number of people and will be looking for whoever stands out as being technically strong, enthusiastic, willing to learn, and whoever they believe will be a good 'personality' fit into their team and the company.
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