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I'm in my first year of A-Levels and I'm really struggling to cope. I've been seeing a temporary counsellor since the start of Year 12 for depression, paranoia and anxiety-related issues, but everything is just honestly turned on its head. I've been somewhat keeping up with my work, but I have a lot of revision and filing that is just sat around waiting to be done.

I've kept pushing myself to try and get it all done, I have ALL of my notes, homework and assignments from the start of year 12 in all my subjects (That require written notes, I do Politics, Media and English Lang. Media doesn't require any handwritten notes, it's all digital).

I've managed to keep up with homework, just, and I've only had one or two slip ups in that area. But everything is just moving too fast for me, I want to catch up with all the revision I need to be doing and to file every piece of work and all the notes I have laying around, but whenever I try to allocate a day to do it, I end up just not doing it at all.

I need help, I really want to go to Uni, and with my predicted grades it's still looking possible, but I just need some advice on how to get a fresh start and just catch up in the little areas I'm slipping behind in.

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