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sooo there’s this boy I like ... like I really really really really like him I just think he’s so gorgeous and I know that i have no chance with him which honestly breaks my heart and makes me cry 😫 I’ve never talked to him before in my life apart from like 2 years ago I had to be in his group for something and I just remember him being so funny..... but now he’s in year 11 and I’m in year 9 and when he leave I’ll never see him again I honestly like him so much he’s so good looking and I really want to have a convo with him but I don’t know how he will respond like will he want to talk to me or not?? I literally have no idea how to start a convo with someone who I haven’t spoken to before any suggestions????? Please x
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Kind of harsh, but I don't know if this kind of thing is possible in a school environment. Age differences don't matter as much after sixth form really, but whilst your in there I just don't think it's gonna happen. You're both quite far apart in mental and emotional development, and I don't think a lot of people in school would want to date someone younger than them. Other people might be more optimistic but I'd just say to move on from it, they're gonna move onto college soon and you'll just be too far apart for any relationship to really form. ;-;

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