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So I’m going to start with some brief background info which of course, you can ignore.
Basically, for the longest time I have thought I have bipolar disorder. It started off with a depressive episode and I think this was due to the stress of GCSEs that my school was putting on us at 14/15 years old. This lasted a few months initially and then suddenly I began to become obsessed with Christianity and Catholicism when before I had no desire to be religious. I remember one day watching a full 2 and a half hour film about Jesus birth until death and after his death and believing that through this film Jesus was calling me to get baptised so I begged my parents to let me get baptised (I was about 14 at this time). The summer of that year I remember cycling with my brothers and my mum some place and I remember 100% that I heard a mans voice repeating the numbers “6,7” in my right ear. I remember looking around, there was no man and everyone else was far back so because I was obsessed with Christianity, I automatically thought it was God. As soon as I got home I went hunting for hours online to see if there was a bible verse correlating to these numbers and even made an account on a Christian forum to see if anyone else could relate to my experience. This phase lasted about 4-6 months and then came another depression phase which I honestly believe was my lowest point and I genuinely was thinking of suicide.

Recently, things have happened that have made me decide I might need to take a visit to my GP about this. I have written everything down in a letter for him/her that I think is relevant so that they can know everything and I won’t forget everything. But I am absolutely terrified of being judged, of being dismissed or of even being told That I do have bipolar and that I will have to be on meds fo the rest of my life and that I could go to a psych ward at some point in my life etc etc. So basically the reason I am here is I need some advice about visiting the GP about this. How do I ensure I don’t get dismissed? What should I expect to happen during the appointment? If I am diagnosed, how do I tell my parents and my boyfriend?

Sorry this is such a mess.....
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First its great you recognise you need help and are going to take steps to try get it.

Writing a letter is a great way to make sure you get everything you want out, include everything you wrote above too!

You wont be judged or dismissed, I overshadow GP consultations for days and almost half of appointments are for mental health, they will want to help you the best way they can, and theyll do that by asking you questions and wanting you to talk as much as you can about all your concerns and why you have them.

If you do have bipolar, you can explore a whole bunch of medication, non-medication options with your doctor. Going to a psych ward is a massve jump, ask your GP about this concern (write it on the letter!) and they will reassure you, you dont need to worry about that. Medication doesnt have to be life long either, only until you dont need (or want!) it anymore. There are non medicaiton options such as talking therapy and CBT too.

If you are diagnosed, you dont have to tell your parents or boyfriend. I really cant tell you how since ive not been in a similar position, just tell them you need help and youve got it now? If theyre in the know and support you it would really help.

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