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Chosen Subjects for alevels: bio chem physics psychology
I’m wanting to go into medicine.
Would you say the content of alevels and IB of the subjects are similar?
What are the exams like for IB?
What do universities prefer???
Also what are harder?
I understand there’s a points system with IB, how does that work?

Many thanks
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Yes, the IB is points based - you get a total score out of 45. Each subject (there are 6) is scored out of 7 and the final 3 points come from theory of knowledge (kind of like philosophy - it's very hard to describe!) and your extended essay (4000 words on a subject of your choice).
You do 3 HL subjects (pretty much A level standard, depending on the subject) and 3 SL subjects (more like AS levels). The content varies a bit but is fairly similar. For what you want to do at university, you would have to do: Bio HL and Chem HL. You can only do 2 sciences, so you wouldn't be able to do physics, but you could do psychology HL if you wanted. Then you would have to do your first language, maths and a second language (which you can do from scratch).
All subjects have 2 or 3 exams, but you also have to do an element of coursework for every subject (including the sciences and maths).
Universities SAY that they do not have a preference between the two options as strictly speaking, they are equivalent. However, I have had university admissions staff tell me that they think the IB prepares you better for university. Despite this, many IB students will tell you that the offers they recieve from unis seem disproportionately high compared to students doing A levels. It really depends on the place and the course...
I'm pretty sure that every IB student will tell you that the IB is harder than A levels - it's really just whether you feel it opens more doors to you by doing the IB.
Good luck either way!

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