How does it work and how much help will we get from tutors/professors? Watch

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Hi. I'm from Indonesia and I am considering to apply for the International Relations Bachelor Programme. I have read reviews and some say that there is a minimum amount of help given. I know that in distance learning we will need to be fully independent and study on our own, but will we have guidance? And if yes, in what form and to what extent?

Also, how are we going to learn? Will there be lecture livestreams or videos or presentation slides?

My last question is regarding the fees. In their website, the University of London stated that the indicative total is £5601. Is this the fee per year or for the entire degree?

Thank you.
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There's really no help at all from the professors. You have access to a VLE where you can discuss and ask questions with other students in a forum. Each course has its own VLE forum. Some forums are more active than others so you may or may not get help at all. You also get access to past exams and the professors comment on how you should answer each question.

For each course, you get a Study Guide and a Reading List (it shows what textbooks you should get and what journals you should read). You need to get the textbooks yourself but they have a recommended online bookstore where you can buy the textbooks. Some courses have presentations in their VLE page but most of them don't. You are really on your own with the Study Guides. You register in September, get your guides in October, register for exams in December then do the exams in an exam center in your country. Then you get the results in August and then re-register again in September.

5601 pounds is for the whole 12 modules if you complete the programme in 3 years.
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