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Hey everyone,

Sadly i have recently been diagnosed with an Overactive Bladder. I have had lots of tests and it appears to be a functional problem rather than a structural problem like cancer.

I have got really depressed about this and thought about jumping in front of a train when i recently have been going to work. I have not seen my friends for a long time and the symptoms come on badly every 2 hours. If i do not make it to the toilet, i have incontinence. At work luckily i am near a toilet, but my quality of life is very poor.

I am getting counselling to deal with my negative thoughts, but my GP does not seem to think surgery would be a good option as i am only 27. They have stated try limit my fluid intake and try pelvic floor exercises, which helps only a small amount.

Does anyone kindly know any herbs or vitamins, that could help stop the bad urges please. Even if i could go about 4 - 5 hours without urges would be a small relief. I am willing to trial anything to try get my life back. I have been prescribed Regurin but this gives me bad side effects. Thank you for listening to my concerns and sorry to post such a negative thread, i apologise.


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Can I actually reply?
Ok- sorry would not let me reply first time.

I empathise. I am younger than you and have both functional urinary and faecal incontinence. Yes- I am doubly incontinent- so I do understand how hard incontinent life is.

What I will say- there will be a management technique that works for you. Your life may not be the same with it but you will be able to adapt to the technique that best fits you. For my faecal incontinence I literally have to take rectal enemas. Certainly not what I would have envisaged my self doing for life, nor do I like turning my friends down to deal with it sometimes. But my close ones understand and its better than ******** my pants 20 times a day.

Make sure you are in contact not only with urology but also the nurse lead incontinence team, they are the best for knowing what non-surgical methods are open to you. Also, if you are on a medication and its not working- see your GP again and ask if their is an alternative.
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