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So, I unexpectedly came out of school around ten months ago due to financial problems. I decided to stay home and study and prepare for the IGCSE exams and then take the A Levels, which I will also be self-studying for the next two years.

After coming out of school, I was kinda lost. School was everything to me; I was the perfect student in academics, sports, the arts and representing the school. School was a 100% what my life was all about. I had nothing else to do or worry about but schoolwork and school.
So you can imagine how broken I became after leaving behind my teachers, friends, environment and more.

I've only been focusing on my physical and mental health for the last five months or so. And studying and reading and spending quality time with the family. But there are just some days where I feel so down and lost and worthless. I become so demotivated to study I just divert myself to Youtube or exercising or eating. Exams are in 3 months and I've only completed like 40% of everything I need to complete.

I just wanted to let this out. If there are any advices out there, then great. I'd really appreciate that.

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