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Hey there. So I started recovery in July 2017, relapsed November 2017, and began recovery 2.0 in about June 2018. I used the MinnieMaud method, since there seemed to be a lot of anecdotal support for it online. The method basically entails eating a minimum of 3000 calories a day, stopping all exercise, and not weighing oneself. I'd say the good thing about this method was that it forced me to eat previously 'forbidden foods' and helped me get over my fear of eating. Also, according to the MinnieMaud community, my weight is meant to go up and temporarily overshoot my 'set point' weight (aka my natural weight), settle for a period of time at that higher weight, and then eventually go back down to my set point weight on its own if I continue to eat at least 3000 calories daily.The reason given is that more fat is required before fat-free mass can be restored.

Since June 2018, I've been trying to eat over 3000 calories a day, a task I've found very difficult as I don't have the hunger for it, so I've been taking calorie supplements alongside my meals, though I've recently stopped doing so as it is expensive. I've found that each time I've restricted my calories, my overshoot settling weight gets higher each time. I went on holiday over Christmas to a country with very few vegetarian/vegan options and basically ate very little for 5 days, and like, my body just looked more fat/less toned than usual, and my stomach protruded forwards more (I wonder why??). Once I came back home and resumed eating a lot, my stomach flattened out a bit and my body doesn't appear as flabby but my weight settled at a higher weight than before! Anyway, I've been ill for the past week and have barely eaten anything the past 4 days, so I'm sure once I start eating my 3000 calories a day again (I actually usually only manage to hit arond 2700), my weight is gonna settle at an even higher weight :c. I'm just so sick of forcing myself to eat so much, I really just want to start exercising again because I feel so unfit (I really am, now), I want to lose weight safely (I am legitly quite large now) (and no, I definitely don't want to be anorexic or as thin as I was again). I suppose I just want to know - those who have recovered from an eating disorder, how did you do it? Is the set point theory paraded by the MinnieMaud community true? Should I continue following the MinnieMaud method or start eating to my hunger signals, begin exercising and lose weight from there. Part of me just wants to give up on eating so much and lose weight, but another part of me wonders if the end of my 'overshoot' period is near and soon the weight will fall off naturally. Sorry for the long rambly post, I'm just so lost as to what to do now and I really don't wish to be at this higher weight! Appreciate any advice and help coming this way xx
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I've heard mixed stuff about Minniemaud tbh.

The first thing I would say is do you have a treatment team? You need to be discussing this stuff with medical and mental health professionals who can help you make objective decisions.

Anecdotally I think most people I've known in recovery have gained higher then settled at a lower (healthy) weight later. However I don't think they did Minniemaud.

Are you at a healthy weight right now? And how long have you been there?

I think if you're a healthy weight and have no health issues there's no reason not to start exercising in moderation.

I would personally say, don't try and lose weight until you've maintained a healthy weight for 6-12 months with no issues. I'm years into recovery and I can't lose weight without relapsing, it's like a switch clicks in my mind.

Also it's not clear if you're weighing yourself or not. If you are, stay aware your weight will vary naturally. If you're not be aware your judgement on your weight might not be right.
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I havent done the mini maud because I was with CAMHS and whilst I was on that for a while to get my weight up I had to be healthy so when I reached that I didn't need to eat all of it so what I do is just listen to my body and eat a decent healthy amount now my body is at a normal weight. I think the mini maud method can work for a bit but its not for everyone at the end of the day recovery is going back to normality and that means you calorie consumption as well as you weight fluctuating.
I would recommend seeing a counsellor and dietician if you can too to help with your ED too as I think with eating disorders you need counselling to help with your mind because its a MENTAL illness and that will be pay just as a big part as eating too. Hope you get better soon.

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