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Hi, I am hopefully starting a part-time PGCE in September. I have 3 children, one who is still a baby. I will be entitled to £4300 maintenance loan per year, I will not get a separate childcare grant (with it being part-time) but realistically I’ll need 3 days a week childcare that I’ll have to pay out of that £4300. My partner works but is on a low income and claims universal credit. Does anyone know if they will use the full £4300 in working out his benefit, is will they at least deduct the childcare I have to pay? If not I’ll be worse off than just staying at home for a few years. I can’t use any benefit calculators due to them not working properly for student and I get different advice everywhere I look, so I’d really appreciate advice fromanyone who’s found themselves in this situation. Thanks x
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It is very hard to give a definite answer to questions like this, as universal credit is very new and often the rules are applied inconsistently. There may be financial advisors at your prospective uni who can give a definite answer. However, as I understand it, the full loan amount will be deducted from your universal credit and your outgoings are your own problem.

I do think even doing a part time PGCE with a very young child would be very difficult emotionally and also in terms of childcare. I know it would be disappointing to have to wait a few years, but it might also give you the best chance of succeeding.

However, do speak to your university first as they may be able to advise further.

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