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Am I dumb for having one? Bc I always go for the same kinds of guys (short preferably sporty, with tattoos, bit of a bad boy). My friends tell me Im limiting myself but I find loads of guys like that at uni etc so don't care. Do you have a type in people whether personality or looks?
It's fine. I'm a sucker for blondes for example and strangely enough I only managed to get one girl that wasn't a blonde. The other non-blondes never liked me..
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Ohhh yes I have a type.

I love Asian girls. Ranging from Pakistan and India, to Iran and Iraq. Not so into Chinese girls, but they’re okay.

On top of this, for me to find them sexually attractive, they’ve got to be skinny with a very slim frame. They also have to have a very pretty face. It’s a massive bonus if they have a really good fashion sense. But they usually do.
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Generally, no. Not sure I have a specific type.
I’m no great catch, myself, and if everyone was this picky I would have never had any relationships.

Honesty, a nice genuine smile and confidence. Probably the only things I look for. The rest is subjective.
Someone could have a beautiful face and body but a nasty spoilt personality, then they are worse off than if they started with average looks.

Why would I set impossible physical standards for someone else to meet if I can’t meet most of them myself?
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