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So I suffer from a form of OCD called purely obsessional or “pure” OCD meaning I have no physical compulsions such as hand washing or counting only mental like obsessive thinking and rumination. I am currently off on a leave of absence from uni due to it but am happy to say I am doing better and plan to return in September. I am working at Tesco for the year, not ideal but it gets w buy and have engaged in a lot of physical activity and eating better. Basically, ever since I’ve been diagnosed with ocd, I’ve been very negative which has spawned bouts of depression in my life. I feel like when ever someone tells me I’m doing a good job or doing well I nearly lose the motivation to do said task as I feel like i have gained enough and no longer need to push myself. The thing is i know
It’s not true but I get obsessed with the thought and see it as reality. Any ways to overcome this and somehow rationalise it to myself? I want to get tryounhacj on my feet and be as positive as I can. Thanks! Ps. I am also in Covnituve behavioural therapy,
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Hey, me too, pure O can be hard for people to understand cos it doesnt have the usual symptoms. I find going for walks and paying attention to my surroundings can help when im stuck in a cycle, other times I find that talking to myself out loud can help, especially with the more ridiculous thoughts I have, it can help me rationalise a little better that whatever im worrying about probably wont happen and my brain is just being an ass. Try to practice your CBT methods when you're struggling, one of my activities was directly linked to rationalising my odd thoughts and showing myself that actually, bad things dont always happen

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