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I've been invited to interview with chester uni for the teaching degree, and as part of the interview day they're asking all applicants to prepare a 2 minute presentation about something important to you.
They say it could be about anything - things such as a book, object that reminds you of an important occasion.
They also say that you should try and be creative in your presentation as they are looking at our potential for becoming primary teachers.
I've been thinking about it for ages and can't for the life of me figure out what I would present and how! Has anyone had to do this in the past and has some good tips/ideas for me?
The things that are important to me are things like photography, baking, computing so ideally anything along those lines that I can deliver in a creative way.
Thanks in advance guys - I feel like I'm waving the white flag asking for help but I've just hit a complete brick wall and thought some ideas might help me to reach one of my own.
Annie P
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I've been on interview panels for prospective teachers where this task has been set. It is really helpful in getting the candidates to relax a little in a potentially stressful situation (as the subject is usually 'close to their hearts'). Past presentations have included 'My Love of Rugby' and 'Belly Dancing' (where the presentation included the panel putting on the belly dancing belts with bells and learning how to move their hips!) and both were memorable. That's part of what we are looking for in a candidate for teaching - students/pupils want teachers that engage and inspire them to learn.So choose the subject that you can creatively engage the panels' interest in for the 2 minutes. Try not to use a power point presentation and keep props to the minimum. Don't try to crush too much into the presentation - 2 minutes will flash by! Try to share the presentation with someone you trust before the day (get them to give you constructive feedback). Smile and share your love of the subject you choose. Good luck!

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