Muslim parents protest against gay equality lessons Watch

Violet Femme
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(Original post by Pinkisk)
Nope. Thats not what its teaching. If it was teaching tolerance of people that are different to you it would teach children to accept people who subscribe to religions that find homosexuality and transsexuality and other forms of marxist ideals wrong. It teaches to be intolerant and not accepting of such religions.

This is an indoctrination of children in leftism. That is all it is. It teaches children to be accepting of leftist principles as facts. It teaches children to be intolerant towards views that do not conform with leftism.

This is has nothing to do with tolerance. This an indoctrination of children in marxist, communist interpretations of reality.
Teaching kids to be respectful towards people of different sexualities is Marxist indoctrination?

i can never tell if your posts are parodying the young angry right wing stereotype or if you really believe what you write.

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