Can someone improve this PEE paragraph for me?

Alvaro Kano
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Good afternoon,
I have to present this pee in a few days and would like someone to make it better for me as i think this has lots to add. Its about the evolution of Gerald in Act 1 and 2 of 'An Inspector Calls'.
The Success Criteria is the following:
- Ambitious, detailed point
- Two embedded quotations
- Explanations of techniques.
- Lastly, a comment of the structure of the character (how it has changed over the Acts 1 and 2)
- 550 - 800 Words (Currently has: 580)

If you know about the book and this character you can re do the pee. If not you can just add ambitious vocabulary and make it better in general.
Any help will be highly apreciated!

I leave you with it:
How does priestley present Gerald Croft in ‘An Inspector Calls’?

In the drama of ‘An Inspector Calls’ Act 1, Gerald is presented as a cruel and egotistical character. This is brought to light when Gerald tells The Inspector, Mr Birling, Mrs Birling, and Sheila about his personal views on the assassination of ‘Eva Smith’ known by himself as ‘Daisy Renton’. He wasn’t interested in this act until the moment he was told that that girl meant to him something and that he had some influence in her.

In Act 1 Gerald explains that ‘[He] hates those hard-eyed dough-faced women’. While he describes people that have to suffer to gain their lives and have no one who cares about them, he is using a very sardonic tone to them. Furthermore, the use of the pronoun ‘I’ suggests that he is all the time thinking on him. This highlights that he has a very egotistical attitude. The use of the two adjectives; ‘hard-eyed’ and ‘dough-faced’ emphasises that he has a very chauvinistic attitude against those women. Although they don’t like their job, they have to do it to be able to live. In addition, he feels superior when he describes them as very little which makes him feel proud of his own and presents him as a very sexist and misogynistic person towards woman.

Furthermore, Gerald is also described as a Coward character when he says that where he went “It’s [the] favourite hunt for women of the town.”. The use of the noun ‘hunt’ describes that he doesn’t want to tell the truth as he is describing the place as if it is scary. This implies that the people that worked their were described as animals consequently they didn’t have feelings. In addition, the use of the phrase ‘women of the town’ demonstrates that he was a coward and uses his power to make them ‘little’ by making them think they are mere debris.

Moreover, after Act 1, Gerald continues unconscious of what is happening. This is indisputable when he says: “My god… I've suddenly realized- taking it in properly- that she's dead.” This clearly portrays Gerald as an arrogant and selfish character. This means that he doesn’t care about anyone until he now that she had to do with her. This can also be seen when he adds that “[He] didn't feel about her as she felt about me”. This makes him look like a remarkably boorish and arrogant man. The use of the adjective ‘suddenly’ clearly highlights that he didn't want to feel responsible about that girl but when the inspector tells him that the girl wasn't named only as Eva Smith but also as Daisy Renton as Gerald new her. He started worrying when the only problem was no only the death of Eva Smith but that he is involved in this daunting and alarming act. Lastly, Gerald's forced pauses reveal that he is taking care of what he says in case of him making a mistake and making a atrocious act against his family.

In conclusion, Gerald did not have the consent from Sheila (his wife) to go to a bar and look for another partner while misleading Sheila by saying that he went for work reasons. This makes him defraud his intended mistress and betrayed the couple of lovers. After what it happened on Act 1, Gerald didn’t think twice when talking and continued lying to the family by not admitting that he had an affair.
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I don't think you want my help I got a 4 English literature
Elizabeth II
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Hi there,

I think many people will be confused by your question. PEE is an acronym so should probably be in capitals and it doesn't make much sense. I've edited it for you.

Secondly, I don't think you should be asking people to help you with what is clearly your homework. You should ask your teacher how to improve this work and submit it in its current form, this is the best way for you to learn how to do it in the exam - you won't have people on TSR to do it for you then. Moved to English study help.

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