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25% Extra time (Slow processing speeds) - Does anyone have it and NOT have dyslexia?

Hi all,

I currently suffer from depression (which at one point was severe depression), which in previous years made me eligible for 25% extra time.

Obviously now they've tightened up the rules this condition only allows you to have rest breaks at most, and I could only have extra time if I scored sufficiently low in a series of processing speed tests.

So I sat the test thinking it was a complete waste of time (because I'm not dyslexic or anything) and got the results back, um, I failed it? (i.e. I'm awarded 25% extra time).

Does anyone here have 25% extra time and sat any of these tests? I had to repeat and recall stuff from audio. I couldn't go any higher than 6 digits when repeating numbers, and from some reason I struggled on identifying words from sounds. I'm concerned about this and I'm worried whether or not I have underlying condition that I'm unaware of?

Does anyone here have extra time and not have dyslexia/dyspraxia etc?
I have it. I have very slow processing speed. At school they didn’t give me extra time even though I requested it. However at college when I was applying for uni a teacher suggested that I do the tests privately with a psychologist who does these. And when I did the tests it was revealed that I did have slow processing speed alongside other things which I can’t remeneber. It’s not dyslexia or dyspraxia. So when I applied for uni, this was classed as a disability and I got 25% extra time on exams
Hiya, with the not being able to remember audio or decipher words from sounds I wouldn't be too worried, I struggle alot with my hearing and was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder which is like sound dyslexia.
I recently did the processing test and qualified for extra time. I'm 17 so it was a bit of a shock and I am a bit confused as to why this hasn't been identified before now. Having a slow processing speed doesn't necessarily mean you have a different learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia). Pretty sure mine was caused by being born prematurely but some people just have it without a specific reason.