Parents deny that my brother has Autism (help what do i do)

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My brother is 3 and a half and he's adorable- but he doesn't exactly communicate. He loves specific foods, shows, toys and topics. He doesn't make eye-contact and does repetitive actions and vocalising (Like, he loves to sing the ABCs all the time.)

My parents did briefly hook up with a children's health expert and signed my brother up for these weekly sessions where he just plays with different toys and kids his age. My parents said it was because he doesn't talk so they signed him up there. I'm just 15 so I'm no expert but I've researched loads of times the symptoms, actions and character of a child with autism spectru, disorder and I'm quite sure my brother has it. Of course, I'm not down-hearted or anything- My brother is the cutest and is so unique but as soon as I mentiones 'Autism' or 'Mental condition', my mother freaked.

She was all like, "No he dOESN'T have that! Don't say that! He's just naughty!" I understand that she's just worried and all but the thing is, my parents don't exactly 'believe' in mental conditions. They think its just an excuse for kids to misbehave and be lazy. I myself have shown symptoms of clinical anxiety/depression but since my parents aren't concerned I tried to forget about it.

How can I make them see the reality and stop denying what is possibly the truth? How can I educate them about mental health? :/
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Maybe show them the NHS site (or some other medical site that they’ll trust) that shows the symptoms of autism, and shows it as an actual condition. Then suggest they at least take him to the doctor just to be sure, if they’re adamant not to tell them you’re just thinking of what’s best for your brother because you don’t want him to struggle making friends or learning at school so it’s best to get help as early as possible.
I have no experience with this but I hope it works.

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