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Hi, im 16 years old. When I first lost my virginity I was only smoking weed a little bit but when I had sex I had no problem with premature ejaculation. Now I'm dating a girl and every time we have sex I ejaculate immediately once I put it in. I had quit smoking weed now for about a week hoping that this will help the problem. I have read many things that say weed is the cause of this so I have stopped smoking weed. Can somebody please tell me if this is the cause. And since I've stopped smoking will this make me go back to normal soon? Or how can I fit the problem? Please help me I out, thank you
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my mate said sex as better on some types of weed
chances are you're just getting more feeling than you can handle
practice edging i guess
the mods don't like weed on here so i wont go into detail
but try to find some info on what you are smoking on Reddit or something
to check side effects of the strain you had and such.

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