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I had developed depression and anxiety in my first semester of uni. It was properly diagnosed in my last semester at uni, by then I had pretty much stopped going to uni and could barely get out of bed. My grades were rubbish, no surprise, and couldn't progress onto the second year, so the uni allowed me to retake my first year, which I thought was AMAZING and I promised myself that I would pull myself together and work harder. I did. I pretty much aced all my midterms and finals for the first semester. I thought I was doing great until I wasn't. I'm in my second semester now and I havent gone to any lectures at all. I struggle to get out of bed, I just feel tired and hopeless. I actually just dont want to do anything anymore, I wanna just leave this planet. I dont know what it is thats actually wrong with me. I dont even know what to ask. Help? Maybe? I dont know. Im just pretty much ****ed.
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I think you should talk to your uni counselling service, your doctor or Samaritans. Don't give up!
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