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Hi everyone,
I'm at 20 year old male at University and I'm debating if I need to see a GP about my skin. I was treated for moderate cystic acne from mid 2015 to mid 2017 but my skin is still not clear and I feel like I'm at the age where I shouldn't have to worry about my skin/spots anymore. I was given antibiotics and an acne cream but before I started Uni they said my skin didn't need it anymore and took me off it. I wasn't happy with my skin although I no longer had cystic acne so tried Proactiv to try and clear what was left but it didnt work.
I now strictly only use a Simple face wash morning and night with a moisturiser and Effaclar Duo (Salicylic acid). I just want to stop getting spots so frequently and stop my skin being so red and patchy from scars. Will my GP be able to do anything as its not proper acne? Also spots are mainly chin and neck area with a few on my hairline/forehead.
Any advice or tips would be great. I feel like getting rid of the acne was easier than getting rid of constant spots.
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It's probably worth going anyway, to see if they can provide you with more options for creams and techniques to keep your skin acne-free.
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