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Recently got a new job and have been here a few months. I’m the youngest here with everyone in the department being 15/20 years older than me. I feel so intimidated by them and I’ve always been shy/reserved. Every week my manager makes me attending weekly meetings where each person from each team come together to talk about what their team is doing for the week etc. This causes me so much anxiety over the weekend as I am constantly thinking about this meeting. It honestly ruins everything. I can’t talk to anyone on my team about this as I don’t have that relationship with any of them and they’re just going to judge me as I’m new thinking I’m trying to get out of it. I want to quit that’s how bad it is. I feel like they’re all just going to judge me while I’m speaking, especially as I’m the youngest so they think that I’m incompetent or “who’s this young inexperienced person”.
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Hi, I don't think your work mates will judge you in the way you think they will. They have all been in your position before, as a young person just starting work and will remember what that was like, and that it takes time to get used to work meetings, speaking out in front of others etc. If you could voice your nervousness then I think that might be weight off your shoulders and you may find that your colleagues become very supportive to you. Lots and lots of people struggle to speak out in front of others, this is very common but it does get better with time and practise. Maybe you could find ways to practise doing that in small steps until your fears start to diminish? It could be worthwhile seeking advice on the internet about this. My advice would be not to avoid these meetings, but to accept that it will feel difficult now but get better over time if you persevere. All the best.

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