should i drop out of alevels due to anxiety and depression? Watch

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I’m a 17 year old female whos in my first year of college, Alevels. In summer 2018 i had gained severe anxiety followed by a strong depression from crossfading with cannabis at a party. Since then I had frequent panic attacks and have somehow ended up being afraid to do possibly anything eg. go out in public, go to college. And since this i have become incredibly insecure and have a phobia of socialising and of people, especially people at college. I have missed a whole chunk out of the beginning of september and october which has left me knowing no one and having no friends at college (not that i would have gained to courage to make friends anyway). this has led my depression to worsen as i have no one to look forward or to reply on in college. the panic attacks and extreme anxiety has made me unable to sit in a class longer then 10 minutes without becoming extremely uncomfortable and having to leave. I have been through 3 therapists since september including a hypnotherapist which none has made a difference. i am constantly worried about my grades as i am currantly achieveing a E in art, C in english literature and E in Politics+Gov. My college is incredibly worried and my mental state has made my will to come in to college worse and has even increased a lack of motivation to do work. in fact i am so behind in my alevels i dont know half the criteria on my course. my parents have fully given up on me and told me im a failure, they tell me to go into work and quick education. but i dont want to, i want to do my alevels i want to succeed i want to make it in life. i wish this wasnt holding me back. but it has and its done the damage. another option to consider is redoing the first year which will obviously put me a year behind which i really dont want to do either. i hate how my life is turning out, is there any possible way i can rekindle my grades even though i am at my lowest? is there anyway i can still do it.
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Aww I'm so sorry to hear that x I hope you get better. I can't tell you what to do but with experience with anxiety for years I can tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me, if I did it you can too. Of course you can rekindle your grades, the problems you are facing are temporary, motivation rises and falls so instead practice discipline and the grades will sort themselves out. You will also make friends in whatever the next stage of your life is. You can be socially awkward and fake it till you make it and no one will know the difference. I'm extremely socially awkward and as soon as I accepted the uncomfortable feeling but socialised regardless I made a ton of friends this year in Y12 from having barely any last year. If you need any advice please don't hesitate to contact me !
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Hi, I’m actually in a really similar position at the moment! I’m also in my first year of alevels and I’m struggling badly with anxiety and depression and my grades are really taking a hit. I did consider dropping out at one point but I think it’s always worth seeing if you can manage the year and then see if you want to drop alevels altogether, resit a year or carry on. The big thing that’s helped me is talking to the sixth form. I’m allowed some home study during free periods so I don’t have to be at school and if I can’t manage lessons then the teacher will save the work and give it to me as catch up homework. I really advise that you ask about that, it might help. Have you thought about asking teachers for advice too? Or asking them to go over some of the work you’ve missed or to explain the course? This might all be a load of rubbish but I wanted to see if I could help. I really hope things get better for you !

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