500 cal for 5 days and 1200 for the last 2 days a week, for 6 months

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I was just wondering if this would be well OK? I've read a lot on starvation mode and well from the sources, I came to a conclusion metabolic rate etc will only slow down when you have very little to no fat left and deathly thin. Therefore surely me eating this little for 5 days a week is alright? Granted some days I may even increase it to 750. I got this kind of plan according to several dietary calculators with vlcd in mind. I've already tried the major 5:2 and 4:3 and I just can't be anymore patient.

I want your thoughts on this if you will
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Yeah no. That's borderline eating disorder. And one of three things will happen.

a) After the second (or first) day of 500 cals you will have intense hunger and cravings for high calorie (most likely junk) foods. You'll binge and consume a huge amount of calories in one sitting. You will feel guilty and have poor self esteem and your progress will be completely ruined. You'll either go to bed feeling like a failure or purge it, and boom. The start of an eating disorder.

b) You'll lose weight, and get addicted to it. You'll develop an eating disorder. You'll end up with poor mental and physical health, it will affect every aspect of your life, you will most likely start failing your education. Your parents eventually find out, panic, be very upset and will impose very strict rules or orders on you. You may enter hospital. You may enter inpatient treatment. There's tubes and medications and vitamins and therapy. You may become infertile. You may die. This may seem all very dramatic now but eating disorders can escalate from 1 to 100 very quickly.

c) You realise this isn't going to work. There's no quick fix that really works for weight loss. There's only sustained healthy and nutritious eating, with days where you have pancakes for breakfast and an extra serving at dinner because you were extra hungry that day. There's exercise. There's weight loss programs. And I don't mean weight loss teas and drugs, they're a waste of time effort and money.

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