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I've grown up with eczema/psoriasis and that has caused a thing called knuckle pads (search on google) to form on my hands. I've always been big and tall too, i'm currently 15 standing at 5'9 & have been losing weight for a couple months now. My eczema has cleared up though for good now however people still find me scary or whatever due to my hands since the knuckle pads are there. It's made me feel upset since it's interfering with my ability to make friends and talk, along with me being taller than average for a girl in year 10. People find me intimidating sometimes when i don't do anything at all.. literally. I've spent so long being quiet in school that when i try speak to my friends, i stutter or can't enunciate properly half the time. I really want to start becoming more confident and make friends, what should i do?
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Believe it or not, I was at your position around Year 8/9. I didn't speak much to anymore, to the point I forgot how to hold a conversation. My friends pointed out that I don't speak much, which kind of is where I realised that i've gotten into a bad habit. All I can tell you is it will take some time, you just need to practice it by speaking with other people. If you struggle, just keep going and see how far you can get without stuttering. Give yourself a challenge. That's how I was able to get over it personally. This is just like any other thing, like playing football. You get better by practicing.
Another big advice I can give you is, do NOT worry about what other people are thinking when you're talking, just go with the flow. 99% of the time, they are not focusing on the things you're worry about in that moment!

That's all i can say tbh

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