Have you ever fainted? I have a strong fear of it Watch

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Has anyone ever fainted at work? What was the reason for it?

Ive fainted in the past, probably about 7 times in my life (due to various reasons) - 2 x due to period pain, twice due to flu/illness and once was on my first day of work in a food factory I just felt freaked out and woke up on the floor.

I had anxiety for years I think part of this was a fear of fainting. Ive had physical checks etc all were normal. I think with me its partly psychological.

The last time I nearly fainted but didn't quite was 2 years ago I was on a student placement and made a bad mistake, when I realised my eyes went all starry I sort of crouched down pretending to tie my shoe and avoided passing out).

I've been in a job for 7 months (as a physio) but still worry about fainting, its one of my deepest fears, I saw a counsellor once it didn't help. Ive been fine at work but the fear still lingers some nights I worry. I suppose analysing the fear its a fear of 1) Showing myself up/being seen as a wimp 2) I don't want to be seen as sickly. 3) just the experience itself is quite traumatising i.e. not knowing where I am properly when waking up and feeling lightheaded. I suppose if fainting was very common and everyone did it then my fear would be reduced, but its not, a big drama is made and everyone crowds round you.
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Some people are just prone to fainting from stress, or imagining they might be going out. It's sort of a vicious circle -- you think you might faint, so you become stressed and that makes you actually faint. It's completely normally to be anxious about going out; you'd have to be a bit of a robot to be fine with it.

I looked into this a bit, after a bout of random syncope. Mostly docs suggest counselling and for you to avoid triggers. And if it's chronic, they can give you medication to help out. Best to speak to your GP about it.
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never fainted

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