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can a relationship work if one person is going to university and the other isn't?
it will only be a two hour train away, but theres also other factors, surely university will change someone? what if they meet somone better suited to the,?

will this work? HELP!
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to be super unhelpful but honest... depends on the two people. Maturity, intent, ambitions etc...
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Hi, I have been on a long distance relationship since September. My boyfriend has left for uni in September and I have only seen him once since then (December).

Making the relationship work or not it's up to you both, can you guys talk through problems together? Are you ok with him meeting knew people? Living alone, etc.

I had all of these questions when it first started but time and of course my partner showed me that if you really want it you can do it. I'm not gonna lie there's times where you feel like giving up and everything feels just not worth it, but believe if you truly love your partner it is. No matter how hard it gets you'll fight for your relationship.

Having the train as a possibility it's amazing, I guess you could meet every other week? Me and my boyfriend and in different continents (Europe-Asia) and we still make it work through Skype, so I guess seeing him wouldn't be a problem if you really needed to?

Anyway, I definitely encourage you to not give up. It can work, and even if it doesn't would you prefer giving up without ever trying?
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