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hi i’m in year 11 and i have social anxiety. i am currently doing my gcse’s but i cannot take it anymore. i hate school so much, my anxiety really gets me down. i feel so lonely at school, i can’t make friends and i can’t talk to new people, it’s very horrible for me. i’d rather not be there at all even though i have been for 5 years. it’s got to a pint where i can’t go anymore. i really want to be homeschooled but i can’t find any course that aren’t really expensive because i know my family can’t afford excessive amounts. i really wish i had someone to talk to about this but i don’t snd i feel really lonely and it’s really stressing me out. i have got to a point where i just want to give up and not go to school anymore, but i know my parents will catch on that i am not “ill” and they will get in trouble for my attendance, which i really don’t want! does anyone have any tips on my anxiety and any ideas of cheap homeschooling options?? thankyou in advance!
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