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I have an RS assessment tomorrow and I have no idea how to structure my 15 marker any helpful replies would be appreciated and please don't suggest PEE because my teacher thinks it's dull and rigid .
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I got 15/15 on my question. Tbh, P.E.E.E is the best thing to use (Point, Evidence, Explanation, Evaluation) as it aligns with all the AOs needed to secure top marks. You follow this 4 times 2 FOR/ 2 AGAINST and write a conclusion, in the conclusion you state why your views ARE much more better than the other side and you summarise what you have written. It should not be more than 4 lines tbh. Always start in the way I've started. any questions feel free to ask.

Firstly, Catholics and I agree with this statement as they help us to go heaven. For example, the catechism says that "sacraments are outward sign of inward grace". This is important because, it helps Catholics understanding that by partaking in the sacraments e.g. the Eucharist they would be able to recieve the consecrated body and blood of Jesus which is beneficial for salvation. Pivotally, this means it is important because without them Catholics would not be able to go heaven which is the goal for all christians and they would not be able to have a good relationship with God as they won't pay able to say prayers of adoration, thanksgiving etc as their sin as harmed their relationship with God.

However, Protestants may disagree with my reason above and state..

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