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So I received an offer back from Nottingham today but not for the course that I had applied for; Politics and American Studies (which they ask for ABB) rather than the Politics and International Relations (which they ask for AAB) I had applied for. The offer was unconditional as I already have my grades and am currently at a different university which I've decided not to carry on with next year. The only other offer I would consider would be from Liverpool which I prefer the course of compared to American Studies but I know that it would look better from an employer's point of view to have studied at Nottingham over Liverpool, along with the fact that Nottingham is closer to home which I deem an important factor. Looking at the two courses, I do prefer International Relations over American Studies but I don't know whether to choose Nottingham anyway because of the uni that it is and for the prospects that I could perhaps change over to International Relations once I was there, do you think this would be possible? Another thing I have also considered is calling up on results day at the start of clearing and asking if they still have any places for International Relations as I'm sure the majority of their filled places will be based on conditional offers. I suppose is what I'm asking is, is it best to choose Nottingham because of the university that it is and the possible prospects of changing over to International Relations or prioritising the course that interests me more but at a slightly worse university ie. Liverpool?

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