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I'm turning 15 this year and going to take my GCSEs next year. I'm a huge science enthusiast, particularly with biology and chemistry. I want to start gaining some experience within the science field, perhaps start working on some research already. But there aren't many labs nearby that take 15 year olds, and I generally have no idea where to start gaining experience or what to do. Does anyone have any ideas for places I could look out for or things I could apply for to help me gain experience?
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Look into the Big Bang Competition or other similar science fairs. Also realise you are almost certainly not going to be "advancing science" as a school student, but you can develop the necessary skills to enable you to follow an educational and career path which might allow you to do so later. You simply don't have the background needed to do the kind of research that has that impact - every PhD student will have the scientific background you have, and a lot more, and their research even is rarely groundbreaking. You can however use the background you do have to undertake projects suitable to your level that will give you practical experience of the realities of doing research; data collection and analysis, literature selection and evaluation, writing up and communicating your results, etc.

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