Why has she flirted with me since I met her Watch

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An older girl laughed loudly and hard at my jokes and asked me to repeat them to her and started talking to me. Then wait later to scare me when she gets my attention. Whenever we have a conversation she does this. Her friend tries to get me to talk to her and hang around with them and directs my attention towards her. She gets red while talking to me and smiles but doesn't look me in the eyes and hides her face. She butts into my conversations with everyone eise and tries to start a conversation from anything and can only approach me with her friend.Well when I talk to other girls she butts in intensely and laughs loudly. When her friend asked me to sit with them and the friend sat between us she didnt like it. She had an attitude. Her and her friend took turns with selfies of the 3 of us next to me but when it's her turn next to me asked me to get closer to her. When her friend flirted and found any excuse for me to be with them, the girl seemed upset. After that she only wanted me next to her in pics not her friend and in between me and her friend ask me to get closer for all. Her friend offered me a ride hesitated when I say yes.Her friend doesnt talk to me in front of her but does it behind her back. I can't talk to her friend her friend can't talk to me. Her friend helps her approach me and try to talk to m but I can only talk to the first one. The girl at first needed her friend next to her to flirt with me. When I talk to other people especially girls she butts in a lot and intensely even will start yelling. She blushes around me a lot like when I say hi first, can't say hi first in the halls or look me in the eyes. She smiles at me a lot. Laughs at everything I say. She compliments me a lot she will compliment anything she will ask for a selfie with me when I talk to her, sit with her and get closer then send me the pic so I can post it tag her, she can like it then tell me the next day she likes it in person. She giggles and says my name in response to stuff I say or for no reason at all. When she wore something showing her cleavage her friend came and got me for a picture sitting next to her, her friend took it so she blushed and asked me to get closer and she learned over to me, I had a hard time not looking. Another friend looks at her and says her name when I enter a room. She has held eye contact and smiles the whole time talking to me then when we are done continues smiling and holding eye contact in an awkward silence and when I look away break eye contact continues standing in front of me and staring.

PS I am autistic and have trouble understanding other people and emotions. Please be compassionate any understanding
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I'd recommend that she hold out for whichever of your eighteen personalities isn't autistic.

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