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The meaning of words are constantly changing, share some new definitions you have seen.

I’ll start
Illegal: a large sick bird
Bunny: rather like a bun
Whisky: a bit like a whisk.
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From the student edition:

Clearing: open space surrounding an applicant who has missed their offer

Adjustment: the process by which teachers come to terms with the idea that applicant is not as thick as engine oil

Personal statement: short work of fiction- see reference

Reference: short work of fiction- see personal statement

Insurance offer: offer of university place made after all campus accommodation taken, necessitating residence in burglary hotspot

BMAT: carpet on which would-be medical students prostrate themselves seeking university admission

Oxbridge offer holder: local deity worshipped in minor public schools

UCAS point: method of identifying student who has received Oxbridge offer

Applicant day: like a timeshare sales pitch but not as relaxed

Student Railcard: discounted method of conveying laundry

Freshers’ Fair: excessive charge by taxi drivers to students unfamiliar with city

9AM lecture: clocking in system for academics

Library: Internet cafe furnished with decorative bookbindings

Boat Race: university rowing competition at which tens of thousands of people line the Thames to watch. PaddyPower offers 18/1 that the 2019 finalists will be University of Huddersfield v South Bank University- see varsity match

Varsity Match: competition between Oxford and Cambridge universities as to which will come bottom of the diversity league table.

Student Union: (1) Anglo-Venezuelan Friendship Society (2) safe space for those frightened by the fleshpots of Hatfield or Newcastle under Lyme

Finals: exchange visit to Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon where all the children are above average

Graduation Day: training scheme for wedding photographers

Alumni Association: place where choosers can be beggars

Gaudy: dinner at which mutton is dressed as lamb
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