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I always procrastinate my studies and then end up in a horrible situation at this time of the year. And this is not the first time. I can't remember any exam for which I didn't procrastinate and was actually well prepared. I have to study 8 hours a day now to rectify my stupidity . I can't be going on like this.
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Procrastination is no stranger to anyone. I do not know a good method to help, but here is what I think might help:

-Try measuring your study time by chapters and not hours.

- Sit yourself down and plan what you will do next (don't obsess over a perfect schedule, keep it straightforward and simple)

Eg; 1) Math - practice difficult questions from chapter 6
2)Complete English Essay
3)Research on Geography case study and google any doubts on the current chapter
4) etc....

- just look at your textbook or notes. You won't hate studying anymore, it's not as horrible as you think. Sometimes we exaggerate on not looking forward to studying.

Also, eight hours is impossibly long. Here in Sri lanka, that is roughly the time I have between the end o school and sleep. Try to be more efficient in studying to help cut down time. Google up productivity websites and apps.

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