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Hello all,

I've already managed to contravene TSR rules in my attempts to get feedback so far, but I think I'm in the right forum now. I've produced two sets of videos for Macbeth and I would love some feedback on both. The first - Macbeth in 10 Quotes - is the centrepiece. Working in chronological order the analysis is built around what I consider to be 10 of the most useful/important quotations in the play. I've tried to make each video as rich but concise as I can, hoping that as a collection they will ultmately provide some real analytical depth as well as a strong overview of the play. Essentially, I'd like students with a working but limited knowledge of the play to come away feeling that their time was well spent, and that their understanding has been thoroughly enhanced.

The second series - Macbeth Revision - offers a series of quick-fire questions to test what students have learned from the original 10 Quotes series. I'm hoping these will prove very useful as revision tools.

I've worked hard on both, but it's obviously difficult to know in isolation where the strengths and weaknesses are, or if the effort is even worth it at all. With that in mind then, any feeback would be hugely appreciated. I'll put on my brave face.

Kind Regards,

Mr Brooker

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