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I am currently taking History, Drama, and Health & Social Care at AS Level. I am sitting on A (plan on bringing this up from a high A to an A*) in History, A in Health & Social, and hopefully I am on an A in Drama (don’t receive our practical results till August).

KCL ask for A*AA. What if I get A*AB at AS? Will this ruin my chance of getting an offer? I will be getting my work experience in a top law firm, I have 270 hours of volunteering which is divided between 170 for community/school, 20 in volunteering to help run a drama club for younger ones with me having a few hours helping run a show for our school carol service, and 80 in volunteering in Tenerife for 2 weeks in June within marine conservation. I do debate club which has a competition coming up which will hopefully have success for me. Academic success wise, I won an essay competition for a programme ran by The Holocaust Education Trust in London which will get me a trip to Auschwitz with further studies on the holocaust. I should have a really good reference from my school and I also have a perfect plan for an interview if called for one and I have my personal statement planned out as well.

Do I have a good enough chance to get an offer from KCL next year for Law? What are their applicant:acceptance rates? And how much of an impact do GCSEs have for KCL?

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