My new boyfriend has Manic Depression and Anxiety, how can i be a good girlfriend? Watch

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Hi everyone, this guy i have started dating has manic depression and anxiety and a few other mental health sufferings, he’s had a rough past but i think he’s the most wonderful person on this planet and I’m so attracted to his mind and heart.

Here’s my problem. We have been having a lot of arguments lately because I bring up things that he does that i do not like. For example: airing me, not seeming as interested in me. This is all compared to how he was with me when he was trying to make me his girlfriend. ( very lovey, supportive, interested, super caring, completely head over heels for me)

Is this his depression? Or is this because he’s “got me” now? Don’t get me wrong, he still shows that he loves me but it’s usually in an unconventional way. See I’m used to straight up love and affection. (Hugs, kisses, admiration, lots of talking and seeing each other) as thats what I’ve had in my previous relationships. However it’s not like that with my boyfriend anymore and I can’t figure out why and it makes me so upset. Every time i bring this up with him, he says he does love me and goes on about how he’s stressed or mental health or something and I just accept it. However it leaves me sad and longing for him to seem interested in me like he was before. He says that every time i make an argument, it makes him want to further himself from me and makes him worried that i will become an extra stress in his life. Is this all his depression playing up? I’ve never had anyone close in my life who suffers from bad mental health like he does so I’m learning every day. Do i just need to be more understanding?

I love him so much and want to be there and be his best friend as well as his girlfriend.

I would love it if someone could shed some light on how i can be more understanding in a relationship with someone who suffers from Manic Depression and Anxiety, thanks 🙏
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I think they call bi-polar disorder now.

I have anxiety and I know my ex had to put up with a lot. It can be very draining dealing with someone who has a mental illness, particularly if they taking active steps to manage their condition.

Talk to him. He may need a little time to open up, but the fact that he has changed his behaviour now that he has you would worry me a bit. See how things develop, but keep your needs in the forefront of your mind; you don’t deserve to be treated badly or abused and mental illness shouldn’t be used as an excuse.

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