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Can anyone help me, I cant find any outgoing , interesting topics to write about my teacher asked the class for homework to come up with an amazing topic and i cant find anything
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Now, I am assuming that this is a transactional piece, so here are some interesting essay questions that I found from some intellectually challenging written examinations (mostly used as admission assessments):

• Which system is better for appointing people into positions of power: meritocracy or democracy?
• To what extent should freedom of speech actually exist? Should there be a limit on freedom of speech, and if there is, is it truly ‘free’?
• STEM degrees are vastly more important than arts and humanities degrees. To what extent do you agree?
• ‘Studying for a degree that doesn’t teach you knowledge and skills that are valued in the job market is a waste of money and time.’ Discuss.
• Should abortion be illegal?
• Should euthanasia be legal?
• Should Britain bring back capital punishment for its worst perpetrators?
• Is Brexit a good or bad thing for the UK?
• Should the law make voting a legal requirement?
• ‘War is a prerequisite for peace.’ Discuss.
• What embarrasses people and what does embarrassment reveal about how they regard themselves?
• Must all revolutions necessarily fail?
• What are the major causes (and consequences) of global inequality?
• ‘Birth is not the beginning of human life and death is not its end.’ Discuss.
• What, if any, is the best form of government?
• Which logical fallacy is the biggest pitfall in debate?
• Should a drug dealer ever be punished for the death of someone who overdoses on drugs that he/she has supplied?
• Do we owe greater moral duties to our family and friends than we owe to all other people in the world? Why, or why not?
• Should everyone learn the basics of coding in a digital age?
• How can words be beautiful?
• Can policy rely on human rationality?
• Are agricultural jobs undervalued and underpaid?
• What would it take for England to reach a totalitarian state identical to that in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four?
• Give the best defence that you can for extreme capitalism.
• Give the best defence that you can for extreme socialism.
• Give the best defence that you can for God’s existence.
• Is religion ever compatible with science?
• What is a person’s identity?
• Write an essay on how Thomas Edison would react to the mobile phone if he visited the 21st century.
• In life, people are often eager to focus on their own needs, but also eager to be needed by others in order to realize their own self-worth. The feeling of "being needed" is a common feeling, but what does it mean to you? Write an essay on this.
• Write a letter to the 18-year-old citizens of 2035.
• ‘Some men see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream things that never were and say, “Why not?”—George Bernard Shaw. Write an essay on how you think of the words of Bernard Shaw.
• People are always busy doing things that they think are important, but it seems there is always something more important in the world. Write an essay on your opinion on the topic.
• ‘Everybody has tough and soft spots in his/her heart. Whether you can reach an inner harmony depends on how you balance the toughness and softness.’ Discuss.
• ‘An honest person may not be intelligent, yet an intelligent person may not have true wisdom.’ Discuss.
• ‘You are free because you may choose how to cross the desert; you are not free because you must cross the desert either way.’ Discuss.
• ‘Someone who has never seen ice might refuse to believe reports that an elephant has walked across a river in winter. To refuse to believe reports of a miracle is equally foolhardy.’ Discuss.
• Is it irrational to be insensitive to the suffering of others? Does it matter either way?
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