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my name is Dinosan and I was wandering how all you A level physics student revise ( specifically OCR A physics a level student)

I tend to learn better from videos but there is not much good youtubers who go over ocr a especially , can you recommend me some? Please, pr even any websites which you find really useful

I have a CGP revision guide and tend to read and do summary questions from text book which I feel is not enough, should I be making notes or something.

Any A level physics ocr a student, can you please holla at me, i want to know your method to revise?
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OCR have their own revision guides for the A-level physics which I found extremely useful when reviewing/revising content.

ScienceShorts also has some extremely good A-level videos. Not specifically for OCR A, but since the specifications of a lot of exam boards overlap, you'll find most of the stuff you need in his videos.

Physics A-level Online is relatively decent for videos, too.

I never found CGP helpful for physics a-level.
Even as a revision source, it never went into enough detail.

Best way to revise is just do lots of questions, simple as that.
Making notes does help you to remember the content, but the application and synoptic links are the most important, which you'll find a lot in practice/exam questions.

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