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Hi there,

I have a query that I'm sure you've seen on here many times before, but I really need some reassurance and a reality check.

I am currently in my second year of psychology, and I am likely to graduate with either a high 2:1 or a 1st. My goal is to get on to a GEM programme, but I do not have the A Levels to go with my degree as I have only achieved a very mediocre BCC (Communication and Culture, English Language and English Literature). I have seen many posts on here regarding this, and I have seen that some people with lower A Levels have managed to get on the programme, but I do not feel particularly confident about applying.

I have 5 years worth of work experience in dental services as an administrator, with 1 year being in the NHS (I worked alongside going to college and now alongside my degree). I try to gain experience wherever I can to try and make up for my low A Level grades, but I worry that it will still not be enough.

The universities I have been looking at so far are Nottingham and Warwick, as I know that they do not take A Levels into consideration. I would really appreciate if anyone could reflect on my post and let me know if I stand a chance, or if perhaps they had a similar experience to mine.

Thank you
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You could also look at St George's GEM as I don't think they take into account A-levels for graduates. Same as Exeter although that would be a five year A100.

Have a look into the GAMSAT as well. Doing well on that (>60) will be really important.

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