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I'm in uni (guy) and not having much luck with the ladies. I have been on dates and never got further than the first, tried Tinder with no luck either and pulling in clubs seems to be a waste of a time. Would love to have a girlfriend but I seem to have no luck and women don't find me attractive whatsoever. What should I do?
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This is hard to advise because no one knows you in person to be able to give you personal advise. Sometimes it is all about timing. I can not tell you enough about the importance of confidence and it is important to act confident even if you don't feel it on the inside when you are first talking to a girl.
But, contrary to popular belief most girls don't want to be pulled from a club or a hook up on tinder. The best thing you can do is be honest and carry on a friendly conversation where you don't sound like you're trying to pick them up. Girls want to be respected. Girls want to have conversation and feel their views matter. If you just approach a girl from the prospective of a pick up line and hopefully a pull from a club you will most likely continue to be disappointed.
Try Tinder again but ask the girl questions about herself, ask some general advise questions that she could respond to etc. Ask open ended questions. Chat with her for some days before asking her out. Don't be discouraged if a Tinder girls goes away..... there will be another on there and if you're respectful and kind more than likely someone will want to meet up with you.
The best way to meet girls is through friend groups or social activities at your uni. Get involved and that means not just going to a club meeting or two but go to every meeting and seek out a leadership role. Seeing you as a regular face (who is friendly) helps a girl to feel comfortable when you talk to her and you'll have to club interest in common between you. I also know several people who've met bf/gf through a local church.
You say women don't find you attractive so......(again I don't know you) but.......make sure you are clean. Wear nice clothes that are in good condition. If you're not good at selecting clothes go to the store and get someone/sales clerk to help you pick out 2-3 things that you could wear out that you'll look good in. Having a good haircut, clean hair, clean nails, not being drunk or high when you meet girls are all important too.
I am sure it is a timing issue and you just haven't run across the right girl yet but she is still out there. Don't give up or get down on yourself!

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