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So there's this guy in my set. We've been friends since Yr 9 third term (currently in Yr 11) and became really close at the start of Yr 11. By close, I mean talk every day in school and on Instagram, he tells me things that he doesn't tell anyone else etc.

I've liked him for a while now, and I was always convinced that he didn't like me. But recently, he's started to do things that confuse me. He's always been quite touchy but now it's more frequent and more noticeable i.e hugging me longer than necessary, holding my hand for no reason, touching my face etc. Even others in the school (not just set) have wondered if we're dating or if he likes me.

That's all the background stuff. It's the following sequence of events that have me questioning if his feelings are entirely platonic.

So we have this mutual friend. She's closer to me though and knows that I like him. Two weeks ago he told her that he likes one of her girl friends. He was going to tell her but never did. The girl thinks it's me, because out of all her friends I'm the closest to him, but I thought (at the time) otherwise. We even made a bet that if it's me, I'll but her Haribo and if it's not me she'll buy me Doritos.

Then last Thursday (the last day before half term) she talked to him about me. She implied that I like him and she got from the conversation that he likes me. HOWEVER he also said that he doesn't want to use a 'mediator' and that if I like him, I should talk to him and we'll see how things go.

"We'll see how things go."


Since that day, he's been MIA on social media, albeit that may be because he's trying to study for his mocks (and can't lie I've been doing the same). Still on that note when I sent him an email with attachments of my study materials (he had asked for them) he ended his message with - and I quote -

"Love you"

Now, this might not mean a lot to most of you, but we had talked about how I have a problem with people throwing around the word "love" when they don't actually know what he means. We don't say "love you" to each other in a regular conversation. Seeing the word caused alarm bells to ring in my mind, but I didn't mention it.

I'm not looking for a relationship or anything, but what do you guys think? Am I overthinking things?

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