Erasmus year in Spain coming up and I am very worried.

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For those studying or who have studied in Spain, what would you recommend an introverted and (probably) autistic guy do to enjoy his year abroad?

I'm interested in Spanish culture, history and I have no problem with a more relaxed approach to life, It just seems that so much of Spanish uni life revolves around making friends and parties rather than going to formal Societies or Clubs, Although I've gotten a lot better at socialising recently it was still through University organised activities.

The 'Spanish' way of socialising things, just talking to new people, regularly touching each other and going out clubbing past 12am is enough to make me want to hide away in a dark cave and mutter 'My Precious' to a piece of jewellery for the entire year.

I just want to know, is there anything in the way of clubs and societies at Spanish universities and if not, how do I find ways to meet other students in places without alcohol, smoking, dancing or dreadful music?
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