LGBT group drop Navratilova after ‘transphobic comments’ Watch

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This issue is very worrying, there seems to some kind of mass phychosis attempting to be forced upon the mass consciousness, it is plain common sense,
- if you are born a male then you have an inherent biological, physiological advantage over someone born female, skeletal frame, bone density, muscle density, the level of this advantage will vary from person to person but the advantage however small is still there no amount of gender equality rhetoric can gloss over that FACT.

The problem is this issue is being hijacked by the transphobic label which is thrown at anyone who questions this issue. This is about FairPlay NOT gender I have absolutely zero issue with anyone who associates with a different gender, what I do have an issue with is the unfair physical advantage a male has over a female.

The sad irony of this issue is there seems to be a large portion of females who are supporting and pushing for trans women to compete against biological women and no one seems to be discussing the future of women in high level sports as a result of this issue... there is NO FUTURE for biological women in high level women’s sports as they will be unable to compete against the trans women, resulting in a situation where we have men’s sports dominated by MEN and women’s sports dominated by MEN who now identify as women, where will the women compete then?

Will there even be high level biological women’s athletes anymore, why would a young gifted biological girl choose to dedicate her life to excelling in a sport at its highest level when she knows its a glass ceiling as she will be physically unable to compete against a trans woman.

It’s a sad state of affairs and very worrying for all biological women who have or plan to make a career in professional sports.

Common sense needs to prevail just like men compete in a separate category from women, trans women should compete within their own category it’s the only fair way to do it, otherwise why do we even separate men from women in sports, if we applied the same logic to biological men and women then the separation would be based not on gender not testosterone levels.. however we all know this is nonsensical madness.

Please common sense must prevail!
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I don't think her comments were transphobic. They are true, and that rules out any 'phobia' or irrationality.

Her claim of what a man could do need not be commonplace or likely, just feasible. And it is. I don't know why she added on the bit about switching back after and having kids - that was not necessary to her point that a man could 'transition' just for trophies, and that could deny many real women their victories which is the real harm here.

It's obvious to anyone that watches tennis that even someone who has never won a Grand Slam such as David Ferrer (at his best) would consistently beat Serena Williams (at her best) who dominates the women's events. Nerf him with a year of oestrogen and I'd still fancy him to pose her a lot of trouble as he's trained with/against the male opponents who he's learnt to read more quickly than Serena ever had to, he's incorporated topspin and slice into his shots etc.

Admittedly, this issue is exacerbated by the reluctance of most of the female players to follow Serena's lead of bulking up resulting in her being head and shoulders above everyone else (which would present more of a challenge to a man's obvious advantage), but it's actually proof that more muscle mass confers a huge advantage (Serena not really known for her accuracy or variation of shots).

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