Oxford or SOAS for a Master's in Korean Studies?

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I recently got accepted to SOAS's MA Art History and Archaeology of East Asia and Oxford's Korean Studies Mst, but I am 100% at a loss for deciding which one to go to. I am an American student, but I studied at the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London and LOVED London so, so much. I have never loved a place more in my life other than maybe Korea. My professors there recommended that I apply to an MA program at SOAS because of my interest in Korean art history, but my professors at my American Uni recommended I apply to Oxford. I am near fluent in Korean already, so learning the language is not an issue for me. Mostly, I just need to choose a program that will set me up best to do a PhD in Korean art history. Does anyone have an experience with Master's programs at either University? Does the brand name of Oxford really outweigh SOAS? Is Oxford relatively social? I'd consider myself a big city girl, so I'm afraid I'll be lonely out in Oxford. I have tons of friends in London from when I studied there last year and I love the city's liveliness, so that is definitely a draw to SOAS. However, I hear that the brand name of Oxford carried over to America better. Any opinions??
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Hey Kenz!

My sister got her bachelor's degree from SOAS and then went on to Oxford for her Masters degree - her opinion when comparing both schools is that while Oxford obviously has it's prestigious image and networks SOAS introduced her to new ways of thinking. Oxford would look great on your resume and it may be a no-brainer to choose that school over SOAS to most people. However it depends really on what it is you're looking for. In terms of Oxford being less social - that can be true. Oxford also as an area can be quite gloomy and quiet. But in the end it is just a year - so it wouldn't be too difficult.

Wherever it is you end up choosing I hope it works out for you in the end .

I wanted to also ask about your application process at Sotheby's and your overall experience. I'm in the middle of applying for my MA in Art Business & any insight you can provide would be much appreciated!

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