why does she flirt with me and act like this when I am younger than her lil bro Watch

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met a girl that is a couple years older than me. She has a lil brother that’s a year older than me.She started laughing loudly at a joke I made at great length and asked me to repeat it to her yet, she clearly heard it. Then waited after class for me to giggle with her friend then pop out and say boo to scare me and smiled while doing it. After this she began laughing at unfunny stuff I say to others. inserts herself in my conversations and responds to stuff I say. After I talk to her scares me and does it again.Smiles a lot at me and laughs at stuff I say. Walked by a classroom I am in to smile and wave.Her friend asked me to repeat stuff to her and joke around with her. While talking to me she gets red, smiles makes no eye contact and hides her face. I say hi and she smiles and blushes from that. I walked up to her and said hi in the halls she smiled and said hi but can't look me in the eye. She says my name a lot in conversation and one time I was joking around she held good eye contact and I had a gut feeling. She finds any excuse to talk to me and just builds off what I say to other people to to to talk to me. She giggles and says my name for no reason and when I look at her. Her friend asked me to sit with them and she had an attitude about it but found any way to talk and wanted to be close to me for a selfie.Her friend finds any excuse for me to be around them. I talked to her friend and said I am not into selfies and she said they'll take care of it. The next day the friend came and got me for a selfie with the girl when she's all dressed up. The girl blushed from this. She either scares me when I talk to her or asks for a selfie with me and to get closer to her. When I enter a room one of her friends looks at her and says her name. She finds any way to compliment me. She can only approach me with her friend and she'll stand around me trying to talk to me and her friend sends me to her. Every time for our selfies she asks me to get closer to her.
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Why don't you ask her?

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